We love our AHB family and we know you will too. Each of our team members is as unique as they are skilled. They came to us from all over the world and bring their experience and expertise into your home.


Cody has an amazing can-do attitude and brings joy with him into every situation. You will usually find Cody working hard, humming along to some country song he has going in his head. Cody’s skills with equipment operation & willingness to contribute are what he brings to the jobsite. That, along with his unbridled enthusiasm Cody exemplifies the qualities that make our team amazing!  

Weslei is our structural prodigy! With a degree in structural engineering and a natural ability to “make it happen” Weslei can be found framing buildings and forming concrete. He is also a qualified finisher, which is evident in the quality of his tile and trim work. Weslei has a background in mixed martial arts which he studied in Brazil and spends his weekends rock climbing and doing kick flips!


Aurelio is by far the nicest person on our team! He is an extremely hard worker, always willing to go the extra mile in everything he does. His knowledge and experience with low-voltage systems has been extremely valuable and his skills as a framer are equally loved. Aurelio is a team player and an ambassador for the values we aspire to. For this reason the crew has affectionately changed his name to “Zorro”. He is our hero!

Dave is our project manager and brings years of experience as a general contractor to our builds. He and Kier have worked together for many years and their friendship has allowed for an amazing dynamic on the jobsite. Dave is not only an expert builder, he has become a mentor & teacher for many of the team.

Shiva is our lead technician! Shiva’s background in carpentry and degree in automotive mechanical coupled with his dedication to precision, lends well to the level of finish we provide. Shiva can often be found head deep into some complicated system or building/ installing cabinetry and finishes. His attention to detail and expertise fit perfectly with AHB’s commitment to quality! 

Matt has been associated with our team for many years and has recently taken up the role of Operations Manager. He brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to our operation. Matt has skills as an electrician and facilities technician, which he brings to our build teams as well. As an added bonus, Matt loves to BBQ, so he frequently keeps the team happy by making meals for everyone.

Kier and Heather

Heather is co-owner, HR administrator, and she also carries the title of accountant. Heather’s persistence to decorum and constant demand for excellence has served to shape this operation toward excellence. For all the skill and technique brought to the jobsite by Kier and the team, we would be lost if not for the work that is so consistently produced by our most dedicated administrator.  

Kier is the Owner/ Contractor, and also the glue that keeps us all together. With decades of knowledge and experience, Kier has built AHB into an amazing company. As team members, we love his dedication, leadership and commitment to quality & excellence in everything we do; as a client, we know you will love those things too! Keep reading below to hear Kier’s story and more about how AHB began.

Our History

Early Start

Kier Cotton was introduced to residental construction at a the age of seven, after the family home burnt to the ground. Having an ambitious set of parents who took on the project of rebuilding, Kier was driving nails and helping throughout the project.

Although the situation was tragic; from the ashes, a passion for building was kindled, which has culminated in Kier’s love of exceptional, quality construction. Kier’s first professional remodeling experience was in the commercial arena, where he eventually was appointed as a crew leader in the retail remodel/ new construction industry.

He went on to apprentice in multiple trades including finish carpentry, fine cabinet building, rough framing, stair building, tile and stone, electrical and plumbing. Consistently exceeding the expectation of his associates, coupled with his natural ability, Kier began to realize his dream of becoming a general contractor.

Asset Home Building is launched

Having experienced the best and the worst of the construction industry, Kier decided it was time to apply his experiences and started his company.

Kier’s desire to integrate his core principles and apply them to his business led to the creation of Asset Home Building and the promise to always operate with unwavering ethics and a commitment to quality workmanship.

Become a part of the Asset family

The invitation has been extended, family is the defining component of every job we commit to. Our clients, our team and our subcontractors are the evidence of what we aspire to do; create environments that promote community. Our clients appreciate the value of Kier’s commitment to this ideal, and so will you.

Contact us today to start your journey toward the home environment you have been dreaming about!


Kier and his family - the beginnings of Asset Home Building Construction